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OEM - Design energy-efficient products

With a growing focus on energy-saving, hardware providers face new challenges. Emulate offers solutions that are beneficial for end-users and the broader community.

Together, yet unique

On the Emulate platform, connected devices become part of a larger network. You get insights from across the grid while optimizing each device. In short, Emulate helps elevate your offerings.

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Shape products using real insights

With access to Emulate, you gather the knowledge needed for future hardware design. Partner with leading minds in energy and green transformation and set your brand apart.

Unlock OEM potential

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Curious about our offerings? Learn more and book a brief chat.

Anders Larsson, Bixia

The Emulate platform provides a ground breaking approach to tapping into demand flexibility. This increases customer value and contributes to a more sustainable energy system.

Magnus Brodin, Skellefteå Kraft

The transition to renewable electricity is crucial for a sustainable social transition. Hence we look forward to continuing to contribute to the development of Emulate’s platform, which we fully believe in.

Roah Larsson, Modity

Emulate is really a game changer. With all changes in the energy market we are very happy to be partnering up with them.