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ENERGy trader (brp)

Boost your gains with demand flexibility

The energy landscape is changing. As customers expect more, decentralized energy is both an opportunity and a challenge. But demand flexibility can be your ace card.

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Win customer trust and explore new revenue paths

Emulate’s virtual battery platform is your ticket to tapping into demand flexibility. It strengthens ties with electricity retailers and uncovers fresh ways to elevate trading. Plus, it reduces balancing costs and brings forth new services to enhance your profit margin.

Proven and trusted

Our platform isn’t just promises. Thanks to its AI capabilities, Emulate has delivered tangible savings in real-world tests. Dive into opportunities like smart charging and smart heating to further up your game.

Discover BRP possibilities

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Curious about our offerings? Learn more and book a brief chat.

Anders Larsson, Bixia

The Emulate platform provides a ground breaking approach to tapping into demand flexibility. This increases customer value and contributes to a more sustainable energy system.

Magnus Brodin, Skellefteå Kraft

The transition to renewable electricity is crucial for a sustainable social transition. Hence we look forward to continuing to contribute to the development of Emulate’s platform, which we fully believe in.

Roah Larsson, Modity

Emulate is really a game changer. With all changes in the energy market we are very happy to be partnering up with them.