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Drive sales and cement customer ties

As consumer needs evolve, it’s vital for energy retailers to craft innovative, customer-focused solutions. With Emulate, you can address dwindling margins head-on.

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Introduce green energy offers

Our virtual battery platform helps you deliver more to your customers. They get access to tools that let them see and feel their energy savings. And, by encouraging responsible energy use, you not only save costs but also build loyalty.

Kickstart your partnership

With Emulate by your side, you get the backing and support to drive customer engagement. Plus, our tools are designed for easy scaling, ensuring you remain agile as you grow.

Dive into retail energy prospects

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Curious about our offerings? Learn more and book a brief chat.

Anders Larsson, Bixia

The Emulate platform provides a ground breaking approach to tapping into demand flexibility. This increases customer value and contributes to a more sustainable energy system.

Magnus Brodin, Skellefteå Kraft

The transition to renewable electricity is crucial for a sustainable social transition. Hence we look forward to continuing to contribute to the development of Emulate’s platform, which we fully believe in.

Roah Larsson, Modity

Emulate is really a game changer. With all changes in the energy market we are very happy to be partnering up with them.