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The Energy Bank concept works in three simple steps

Commercial and Residential flexibility is aggregated and "deposited" into the Flexibility Bank. In return our partners get “interest” paid out based on amount of flexibility they deposit.


Emulate's algorithms schedule consumption of the loads so that all the needs from the electricity users is satisfied while making them appear to the power system as a battery. 


The Virtual batteries are tailored according to customer spec and are charged and discharged via a web application just as a physical battery.



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What makes Emulate unique is that we use aggregated flexible loads to create solutions that act just as an actual battery that  can be leased to a wide range of segments. 

Virtual Power Plant operators

Representing Demand Side Flexibility as a battery - with a specified capacity, charge rat and discharge rate - is the ideal way of deploying the DR resource in a Virtual Power Plant. 

Grid Operators

Transmission & Replacement deferral. By strategically deploying Emulate batteries at congestion points, grid operators can ensure the grid to have enough bandwidth to handle peak demand. Today batteries are used to serve this application as an alternative to investing in new infrastructure such as feeder lines and substations.

Renewable Power Generators

Emulate supports Renewable Power Plants by offering batteries that level the plant output to meet contractual obligations and to maximize profits. 

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Emulate's algorithms schedule consumption of, for example, thermal loads in such a way that satisfies all consumer comfort constraints while making them appear to the power system as a battery, which can store a certain amount of energy and absorb and release it at a certain rate.