Our mission is to help accelerate share of renewables in the energy mix towards 100%. We strive to leverage the full potential of flexibility in electric demand to decrease dependence on physical storage.

Emulate consists of co-founders Daria Madjidian and Shwan Lamei, a team of software developers and a board of advisers of experts in academia and industry.

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Shwan Lamei

Shwan has a M.Sc in Industrial Management and Engineering from Lund University and is currently based out of Boston, MA. As an international business executive with extensive experience in the Heat Exchanger industry, he has detailed technical and commercial insight in Air Conditioning, Heat Pump and District Energy markets. Shwan has experience from EMEA, APAC and Americas working closely with Consultants, Contractors, HVAC system providers and utility companies to design and implement innovative energy efficiency solutions. 

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Daria Madjidian

Daria has a background in the intersection of control theory and power systems. He holds a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Automatic Control, both from Lund University. Daria conducted much of the research that Emulate is based on during his post-doc at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). For the past three years Daria has been working as a senior consultant for a global energy advisory firm, where he has witnessed customer pain points regarding physical battery systems.

Johan Persson


Johan has a M.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering from Lund University, and has as a consultant worked for numerous startups and R&D-departments in a wide variety of industries including agritech, fintech, fashion, medtech and adtech. He has also spent the past three years managing his own software consultancy specializing in systems design, concept development and configuration management. He has a broad and extensive experience in systems design and architecture as well as the structure and dynamics of technical organizations in various industries.


Chet Lyon  (Advisor)

Chet Lyons is a leader in the storage industry with 20-years of storage experience, Chet played a central role in opening global utility markets to battery energy storage. His understanding of the storage industry spans applications, technologies, markets, regulations, finance and storage project development. He has decades of experience developing and commercializing advanced energy technologies, including more than 40 megawatts of grid-scale energy storage. Chet is the author of several energy storage publications and holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies from University of California at Berkeley, and an MBA in Finance from Boston University Questrom School of Business.

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