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Based out of Boston, you will be part of the team responsible for building and scaling our
groundbreaking solutions tackling some of the world’s largest energy challenges: mass
electrification of heating and mobility, replacement of fossil fuels with renewables in the
global energy grids, and decentralization of energy storage and management.

We are an agile, tight-knit, and truly global team, spread across North America, Europe,
and South Asia. We are building complex, breakthrough solutions and aggressively leading
the change in managing distributed energy solutions. You’ll be expected to drive innovation
and shape new products with complete ownership from concept to production. We are backed
by strong investors and we work with some of the world’s most progressive electricity companies
to roll out our solutions. Join a team of passionate, driven, and energetic folks on a mission!

Tech stack: NumPy/SciPy, Python, PostgreSQL, Redis, Node.js, React, Docker, AWS ECS


  • 3+ years of professional server-side engineering experience
  • Experience developing distributed systems and scalable real-time applications
  • Foundational understanding of CI/CD pipelines and test automation
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Valuable Experience:

  • Python debugging and blameless failure analysis
  • Safety and reliability in highly distributed and/or safety-critical systems
  • Managing large edge device fleets
  • Building, testing, and deploying containerized cloud architectures
  • Scaling applications across multiple platforms and regions
  • Ensuring security and privacy in mixed cloud and edge device environments


  • Design and develop software for the next generation of Emulate’s platform
  • Design and implement multi-product continuous integration processes
  • Contribute well structured, testable, efficient, and maintainable code
  • Provide technical architectural direction, and lead the design and implementation of
    technical vision
  • Develop functional prototypes that illustrate feature concepts quickly
  • Implement real-time and streaming data services
  • Deliver high value and visible features

For more information about this opportunity, please contact Shwan Lamei. To apply, please
send your CV and a cover letter to

We look forward to hearing from you!