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Discover the groundbreaking Emulate platform with our personalized demo. In just 30 minutes, we’ll unveil the world of our virtual battery technology, a game-changer in energy management.

Explore how we efficiently harness electricity supply fluctuations and transform them into a loaded virtual battery. This breakthrough approach delivers substantial financial savings for energy retailers like Skellefteå Kraft while enabling energy traders like Modity to boost their profitability.

Our demo session will shed light on how Emulate’s technology enables carbon-neutral energy use, controls grid-connected devices smartly, and empowers energy retailers and OEMs to reshape their strategies for success.

But don’t just take our word for it. Pernilla Ademar from Modity exclaimed, “Emulate helped us significantly increase sales and profit.” Similarly, Magnus Brodin from Skellefteå Kraft praised the demo, stating, “It revealed the immense potential of virtual battery technology and led to substantial savings.”

Join the sustainable energy revolution today. Book your demo and discover why Modity and Skellefteå Kraft trust Emulate to transform their energy management.

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Trusted by:

Anders Larsson, Bixia

The Emulate platform provides a ground breaking approach to tapping into demand flexibility. This increases customer value and contributes to a more sustainable energy system.

Magnus Brodin, Skellefteå Kraft

The transition to renewable electricity is crucial for a sustainable social transition. Hence we look forward to continuing to contribute to the development of Emulate’s platform, which we fully believe in.

Roah Larsson, Modity

Emulate is really a game changer. With all changes in the energy market we are very happy to be partnering up with them.