Key personnel

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Shwan Lamei

Experience: Over 15 years of executive leadership in energy and HVAC markets. Acclaimed management consultant across diverse industrial sectors.

Daria Madjidian, PhD

Experience: Expert at the nexus of control theory and power systems. Nine years of advanced research, including roles at Lund University and MIT, where the foundational technology of Emulate was conceived.

Andreas Nygren, PhD

Experience: Specialist in high energy physics from CERN. Diverse background, spanning from non-profit startups to a decade-long senior consultancy.

Fredrik Stark, PHD

Experience: Control Ph.D. from Lund University. Extensive experience applying control and optimization theory in a wide range of industry domains. Loves to turn academic research into industrial code.

Geoffrey Broadwell

Experience: UC Berkeley alumnus in Computer Science with vast experience across tech companies, including roles at Edument and Google.

Jacob Winding, PhD

Experience: Has a Ph.D. in string theory from Uppsala university, and a few years in the software industry.

Johanna Zechel

Experience: Former CEO at Zoezi AB and Business Developer at Accolade AB. Accomplished in business strategy, coaching, and the energy sector.

Johan Fant, M.SC

Experience: Johan holds an M.Sc. in Engineering Physics from Lund University, focusing on Control Theory and Machine Learning. Joined Emulate in 2022 as a System Developer. Passionate about the intersection of renewable energy and software engineering.

Jonathan Worthington

Experience: Cambridge alumnus in Computer Science. Integral in enhancing Emulate's system architecture, development practices, and project organization.

Kenan Sehic, PhD

Experience: Specialized in computational and applied mathematics with studies across prominent institutions, including MIT.

Matthew Dillon, M.Sc

Experience: Dillon has a M.Sc. in civil engineering from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He has over a dozen years of experience in software development, engineering design, and management in public and private organizations. He is passionate about open-source software, education and learning, and coffee!

Samir Sahyoun, PhD

Experience: Extensive research in control systems, particularly in fluid dynamics and power systems modeling. Joined Emulate in 2022.

Sonny Strömberg

Experience: Former Head of Sales at EON with over 15 years in leadership roles. Holds multiple degrees from Lund University, encompassing Electrical Engineering, Business, and Psychology.

Stéphane Velut, PhD

Experience: Over a decade in the energy sector with a specialization in modeling and controls from Lund Technical University.