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Renewable Energy for Everyone, Everywhere

Emulate Energy is committed to ensuring that renewable energy is accessible to all. Established in 2020 and rooted in Scandinavia—a forefront in the energy transition movement—Emulate is addressing the pressing need for effective energy storage solutions. Our presence is rapidly growing in Scandinavia and the US, and 2023 marked our significant entry into Germany with a landmark event.

Most homes today have devices like air conditioners, heat pumps, and electric vehicle chargers. While each of these units varies in function, they all share an adaptable energy usage pattern. By smartly managing this energy usage, Emulate’s advanced software transforms these devices into what we term a “virtual battery.” This strategic coordination not only ensures efficient use of renewable energy but also supports the wider adoption of electric-powered transport and heating solutions. Our innovative approach, deeply anchored in academic research, is shaping the future of energy consumption.

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