We are a battery company

How far the world can go on carbon-free renewable energy is dependent on our ability to store energy generated for usage when needed. An alternative to physical storage units, such as batteries, is demand-side flexibility.  Despite the large interest in the field and early deployment of it in numerous projects, this resource has yet to be used beyond acting as a pressure relief valve for peak shaving applications. 

This is where Emulate comes in. The ability to take a collection of small, unreliable and scattered flexible loads and use it as a battery, with guaranteed specifications, makes our solution unique. We can tailor individual virtual batteries that can store a specified amount of energy and absorb and release it at a certain rate - all according specified needs.

Virtual batteries can be leased to a range of stakeholders for a variety of renewable energy applications or be used to provide services on the energy markets.

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Our raw material: demand side flexibility

Our product: batteries with specified

     - capacity

     - charge rate

     - discharge rate

     - state of charge