There's a better way to store energy

Our solution is simple: electricity users deposit their HVAC and electric vehicle flexibility into our flexibility bank which we use to create virtual batteries.

What We Do

Traditional batteries store electric energy and release it on command. Virtual batteries use flexibility in electricity usage to mimic this exact function. For example, by aggregating flexibility in indoor temperature settings or charging patterns of electric vehicles, Emulate’s algorithms control the loads to charge and discharge energy – exactly like physical batteries.

Virtual Batteries cost a fraction of physical batteries and have, in contrast, no environmental footprint. IOT-connected electric devices, such as smart thermostats and electric vehicle chargers, are growing exponentially. This mega-trend implies that, in the near future many of us will be able to participate in the creation of virtual batteries. 

Virtual batteries can be leased to a range of stakeholders within the community for a variety of renewable energy applications.

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Energy Storage Alternatives

We'll have 122 times more storage capacity installed in the world by 2040, that's 2,850 GWh. In general three alternative technologies can be used to absorb the intermittency of renewables. Each technology has its advantages and a mix of all three will ultimately cover the full need. 

Physical Batteries
There are many forms of physical energy storage of which the most common is lithium-ion batteries. In the coming two decades, almost $700Bn will be spent globally on stationary batteries
Demand Response
Demand response can help offset the need for batteries. It is a  growing technology  but the ecnomics of the resource is a constraint to tapping into its full potential. Today DR is either a utility service or sold on wholesale markets for peak shaving.
Our solution rigorously quantifies the energy storage capacity and charge and discharge rates of the flexible loads and creates a virtual battery that can be operated just like any other physical battery every hour of the day.

Emulate's 4 Value Drivers


Cost efficient

Emulate's Virtual Batteries cost less than half of grid scale batteries and 80% less than residential BTM batteries.

No environmental footprint

Although relieving our dependence on fossil fuels, the extraction of rare earth metals for batteries has an environmental and social cost - particularly on human toxicity and freshwater eutrophication. Emulate uses a latent resource and transform it into a energy storage device without an environmental impact.



No degradation

VBATT is based on a regenerative resource. There's no battery degradation to consider. Neither is there a lifetime affecing the business case negatively.

Agile & Scalable

The Emulate battery allows you to adjust the size and characteristics of your batteries on the fly. As your storage needs change, Emulate makes sure that your service meets your business demands -  your battery specs can adapt to your needs.